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Some of us come into this world blessed with an abundance of love, opportunity and with a strong family network. And some of us enter this world dealt a painful deck of cards that lay out a more difficult path ahead.  Most of us face varying degrees of challenges on a continuous cycle from birth on.

To have known the wise words of the old and young, those who have passed before us, those who have hammered on through the darkest of nights and continued to prevail… well, it is those wise words of inspiration and wisdom that we all could have used for guidance from adolescence and onward throughout our senior years.

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Project Wise Words is taking an alternative approach, to bring the stories of the children and adults who had a parentless childhood to our readers so that we all can learn, discuss, relate and create a forum that fosters growth, inspiration and determination for all ages.

PWW is here to provide an online forum, tools and resources to help young children and adults who have been faced with the unfortunate reality of a “Parentless Childhood” (PC) (See the “Founder” section below for definition of “Parentless Childhood”).

About the Founder:

For the moment she remains anonymous. While she doesn’t have a PhD, or a Psychology degree, she did attend an accredited university and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology/Anthropology. Her studies required extensive research in community corrections and criminology where she noticed a trend: so many of the case studies demonstrated a correlation between a ‘parentless’ childhood and a criminal adulthood. The founder defined a ‘Parentless Childhood’ as a childhood that lacked proper parenting or a childhood of careless, absentee, neglectful or abusive parents {aka “adverse childhood experiences”}. And very often, it showed up as a cycle within the family. A history that repeated itself over and over again within each family generation.

The founder wanted to delve deeper into this theory that neglectful and abusive parenting created a difficult childhood environment which in turn produced adults who were prone to become lack-luster parents themselves… and this cycle would repeat itself over and over again… that is, unless, the child {or adult} learned to break free from the cycle.

And, to be honest, she could relate…

Her childhood was neither an average healthy childhood, nor an extremely horrific childhood. To be blunt, she had a very short-lived childhood that ended around age 6. After her parents divorced, her home life became that of a broken family and her two parents were distraught with anger and sadness… which often interfered with their capability to properly act as parents. To be clear, they did their best and to this day are caring and loving parents. Their parent-child bond grows healthier and stronger year-by-year. But, as she looks back, she now sees how her childhood was unusual and that she experienced many traumatic events throughout her childhood and young adult life.

Her lack of a childhood and a healthy home life created a compounding effect that changed her personality and decision-making skills throughout her adolescence, young adult, college and early career years. Until one day she finally realized that her adverse childhood experiences induced this PTSD effect that had been hindering her capabilities and altering her behavior.

She knew that if she didn’t confront and begin to heal, her childhood experiences would continue to hold her back from achieving her true potential… and her life’s purpose. She became determined to break the cycle.

Whether she was travelling, at a coffee house, at happy hour, or even in line to check out, the founder would continuously find herself in deep, and at times, serious conversations with complete strangers. She realized that people felt safe opening up to her and sharing their life experiences and opinions on controversial topics. Eventually this lead to her title as the “unofficial journalist”.

The founder created “Project Wise Words” (PWW) to let the reader know that they are not alone in this. The “GROW” section of PWW is here to inspire you to rise up, heal your broken roots and break free from the cycle. It’s time to create a discussion and bring this experience she calls “Parentless Childhood” (PC) to the forefront.

It’s time to break the cycle.

Our hope is that the wise words posted on this site will be a useful resource to help guide people when challenges arise, and help to be better-prepared for all that life has to offer, and if applicable, to help build the desire to create a new life path to break free from their family cycle of lack-luster parenting so that they can be a part of a new generation rising above their past.

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