Children’s Books for Coping

Below you’ll find an ongoing list of children’s books to help children cope with difficult emotions and experiences such as anger and loss of a loved one.


  1. When Sophie Get’s Angry – Really, Really Angry
  2. Spinky Sulks
  3. When I Feel Angry
  4. Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out
  5. How to Take the Grr Out of Anger
  6. What To Do When Your Temper Flares
  7. A Volcano In My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger

Grief & Loss:

  1. The Memory Box: A Book About Grief
  2. My Heart Hurts: A Grief Workbook for Children
  3. Where Are You? A Child’s Book About Loss


  1. Hot Stuff to Help Kids Worry Less: The Anxiety Management Book


  1. Hot Stuff to Help Kids Cheer Up
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