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parent giving advice to teen

What Advice Would You Give Your 15 Year Old Self?

We surveyed the community, and here are the top tips that we gathered that adults wish they could have told their teenage self.

causes of angry children bad behavior

Kids Aren’t Bad, They’re Just Angry

Have you ever heard the phrase, kids aren’t bad, they’re just angry? A child’s temperament and attitude can be reflective of their parent’s inability to control anger or properly express anger, and also, their home environment. If a parent is unable to model how to express and control their anger, a child is predisposed to act the same.


Sins of the Father

A true story submitted by Stephen Black detailing the life-long effects of alcoholism, abuse and recovery.


A Crumbled Foundation

Growing up, Nancy knew that Rory’s father was an alcoholic and that his family had financial issues, but she did not know that they were evicted from all of their homes…


Rising Above Body-Shaming

Rose is from Sindh, Pakistan and was kind enough to share one of her most difficult childhood experiences with our journalist, Natalie.


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