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“STORIES” is an incredible growing archive of documentary-formatted articles and short stories spotlighting interviews with strangers, their lessons-learned, regrets and life-changing experiences.

Most of us face varying degrees of challenges on a continuous basis from birth on. To have known the wise words of the old and young, those who have passed before us, those who have hammered on through the darkest of nights and continued to prevail… well, it is those wise words of inspiration and wisdom that we all could have used for guidance during our adolescent years growing up, in young adulthood, middle ages and onward until our final days.

Here you will find a compilation of lessons learned, philosophies on happiness, success and love from many ages, demographics and cultures.

It is here that people are welcome to leave their wise words that can forever be left behind as their very own wise word legacy so don’t forget to submit your story using our Contact Form on the Contact page. Or, you can add your own lessons-learned and life’s experiences to the comments and discussion threads.

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Bringing our readers a collection of true stories from children and adults who had a difficult childhood so that we all can learn, discuss, relate and create a forum that fosters growth, inspiration and determination for all ages.

PWW is here to provide an online forum, tools and resources to help young children and adults who have been faced with the unfortunate reality of a “Parentless Childhood” (PC). Please visit the About page for a more in-depth description of GROW and also the founder.

Together we can break the cycle.

“GROW” is about learning how to rise above the challenges that many of us face in childhood, adolescence – teenage years (11-17 years old), young adult – college years (18-23 years old), and through to your career – middle-aged years (24+ years old). Every week new articles and real-life stories are added to the “GROW” section on this website. Read how others have confronted and broken free from the cycle of hate, anger, fear and sadness.

Search for any topic using the search bar in “Grow”. If you’d like to submit a request for a topic of interest to you, submit your request on the Contact page.

And if you’re in need of additional help, check out the “Resources – Rise Above” submenu tab found under “Resources”.

Lastly, if you’re an adult in a position to be a mentor to a youth lacking parents, please check out the resources and toolkits under the “Resources – Mentor” submenu tab found under “Resources”.

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